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About Us

HepConnect is a non-profit, charitable organization.


Founded by the team at Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre (VIDC), this program will provide opportunities for vulnerable communities to be diagnosed and cured of Hepatitis C where they are located. 

Our Mission

Our goal at HepConnect is to eliminate Hepatitis C as a public health threat by 2030. 

Through our new mobile clinic program, we will provide vulnerable populations with the opportunity to engage in care for Hepatitis C and other medical interventions, such as flu shots and addiction-related care.

Eliminating Hepatitis C in BC one mobile clinic at a time. 
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Why go with mobile clinics?

HepConnect's new mobile clinic program will enable us to reach more of the vulnerable inner-city communities to administer testing. 

Providing Hepatitis C treatment directly in the community will also allow us to overcome the challenge some patients face with having to make multiple trips to medical clinics during their treatment. 

Our mobile clinic program will be a great step in building a new and improved normal for healthcare for inner-city communities. 

Our Team

Dr. Brian Conway

is the President and Medical Director of the Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre in Vancouver, BC, Canada. This is a non-profit medical research and care society dedicated to the development and evaluation of novel systems of treatment for HIV and HCV infections in vulnerable populations. 

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Dr. David Truong

is an Infectious Disease Specialist. He is a sub-investigator for multiple clinical trials involving novel therapies for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. His other research interests include vulnerable patient populations and developing models of engagement for people who use drugs.


One of many anonymous patients

"I can say that if it were not for Dr. Conway, I wouldn't be here today. I am now non-detectable for my HIV, and through the good doctor's work and help, I am cured of my hepatitis C."

Lynda Fletcher-Gordon, M.S.W. 

Executive Director, Purpose Society

"The Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre staff host a weekly clinic at the Purpose Society's building in New Westminster. Many of the patients who attend are coming from local shelters, are homeless and are often high risk as a result of mental illness or substance use. 

The staff of the clinic are thorough, knowledgeable, patient, caring and understand how to engage people who may be wary of accessing medical services or other service providers. 

Having this clinic on our site has made an obvious difference for the patients who have attended by stabilizing their medical conditions. 

I often have clients tell me how much better, and therefore hopeful, they feel."

Daryl Luster

Peer Programs lead, BC Hepatitis Network

"Our organization supports the use of a van that will provide improved mobility in terms of processing blood work on-site and give the VIDC team and the patients a safe space when they go to busier shelters. 

We understand and support this important work in reaching people who are shown in the data to be too often lost to care due to gaps in service such as testing and serology, and linkage to care and treatment.

Our Partners

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