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HepConnect Foundation

Eliminate Hepatitis C in BC one mobile community clinic at a time.

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Hepatitis C

is still a prevalent health issue within inner-city populations. With HepConnect’s mobile pop-up community clinics, we will work towards finding the missing millions and supporting priority populations with holistic medical and social needs.

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of Hepatitis C (HCV) cases are curable with proper treatment

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Only 44%

of British Columbians are aware of

their status

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Up to 

of new cases occur within people who inject drugs

Why Hepatitis C? 

Hepatitis C (HCV) disproportionately affects those who are facing poverty, homelessness and/or mental health problems - vulnerable populations who have historically faced high levels of stigma and discrimination within the health care system. 


Engaging inner-city populations in accessible and innovative methods like our Mobile Pop-Up Community Clinics, will be needed if Canada is to reach

the goal of HCV elimination by 2030. 

The journey to eliminating HCV will help strengthen the public health system simultaneously, including:

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Harm Reduction Strategies

Harm reduction strategies are often developed in conjunction with HCV treatment plans to prevent the spreading of the virus and of reinfection.

These strategies could help combat the opioid overdose crisis that affects the inner-city population disproportionately in Vancouver. 

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Linkage to Care

Many individuals in inner-city populations are disengaged with the healthcare system.


HCV-positive individuals often have untreated comorbidities and primary healthcare needs that could be addressed through

HepConnect's mobile clinics.

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Building a New Normal

There is a lack of health care approach to serve inner-city populations. 


HepConnect will help bridge data gaps and build evidence to prove the benefits and impacts of a multidisciplinary, stigma-free approach that is adapted to suit the population it serves. 

In 2014, Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre (VIDC) initiated the Community Pop-Up Clinic (CPC) model as a unique solution to help meet public health objectives for HIV and HCV control and elimination. 


We cannot be more excited to be working in partnership with such an experienced team to bring a new normal to vulnerable communities.

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6+ years of experience with Community Pop-Up clinics


Over 1,000 individuals diagnosed with HCV 


Over 64 community sites visited

Let's Get Started

Here's a list of equipment that will allow HepConnect to kickstart our mobile Pop-Up Clinics.



Point-of-care device to deliver liver assessments for HCV patients prone to the development of

chronic liver diseases.

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Professional Team

Each mobile clinic team will comprise of a physician, nurses, social worker and other support staff.

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Mobile Clinic Van

A mobile clinic will enable us to reach more of

the vulnerable inner-city communities to administer testing

and treatment.

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